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First Entrepreneurship Fair at El Hatillo, Colombia a Success

On Saturday, March 29th, the community of El Hatillo, which is in the midst of a resettlement process, conducted its first entrepreneurship fair with great success. Three groups of apprentices, trained by the Colombian National Training Service in the manufacturing of milk and meat products as well as sweets and deserts, offered their products for sale for the first time. Flavored yogurts and home-made sausages were the most popular items on the central square of the La Loma town, where the fair was held.

The event was opened with a speech by Elecer Ramírez, a representative of the community, and continued with traditional music and dance performances by community members of all ages. Despite the hot day, the people of La Loma came out in support of the Hatillanos and to buy the quality products.

The fair was organized by rePlan, as the resettlement process operator, and the representatives of the community in the transition committee. The event promoted entrepreneurship and partnership among the apprentices, reinforcing the newly acquired skills. The main objective of the courses and the fair was to strengthen the capacity of the community to implement income-generating activities during the current transition phase, as well as in the period following the resettlement. A key element was the move beyond the abstract course environment towards getting to know the market realities. At the end of the day, the apprentices sold over 90% of their merchandize, a significant motivating factor for future initiatives.