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Forum on Land Acquisition & Resettlement at Queen’s

As part of its commitment to enhancing the skills of those working in community relations and social responsibility, the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining at Queen’s University hosts an annual Forum on Community Relations in the Extractive Sector to help professionals from industry, government and NGOs to acquire knowledge and skills around a single issue related to social risk. The focus of this year’s Forum, which will be held February 27 & 28 in Toronto, will be Land Acquisition and Resettlement. The workshop will take place just before the start of PDAC’s 2015 Annual Convention. The principal presenters will come from rePlan.

Topics and Themes

  • Scoping a potential or actual resettlement situation.
  • Developing a resettlement road map and budget, from scoping through planning and implementation to post‐move monitoring and evaluation.
  • Developing eligibility requirements for compensation and resettlement.
  • Dealing with population influx and speculative risks.
  • Planning for land access and displacement, including surveying, engagement and negotiation, livelihood restoration, managing expectations and resolving grievances.
  • Implementing a resettlement, including tricky issues such as agreement‐making, design and construction of new communities, managing the move, handover and post move monitoring.
  • Anticipating and addressing additional challenges of resettlement in zones of weak governance where the risk of conflict may be high.

As an added bonus, participants will have the opportunity to book private advisement meetings with the instructor/consultants to discuss specific projects or issues.

The cost of the Forum is $995.00 + HST. For more information please contact