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Plan Bonito Resettlement Action Plan in Final Negotiations

Following the signature of the Resettlement Action Plan for Plan Bonito the community has entered into the next phase of the process. The compensation framework that was collectively agreed is being applied to each family’s case.

The individual process started during the first week of February. In one month, 120 (of 173) families have accepted their compensation packages and 87 have already signed a contract with the mining companies formalizing a compensation package specifically designed for their situation. The remaining families are expected to complete this process in March. The compensation package includes, depending on the case, the purchase of a house and land of the family’s choice as well as cash compensation and transition payments. Those families who have completed their individual negotiations are now preparing the move to their new homes.

rePlan is providing support and legal advice to acquire new houses and land titles. In collaboration with the local and regional government, rePlan will continue to support the transition process for the families, e.g. through micro-finance, scholarships and psychosocial support. Finally, a monitoring and evaluation program is verifying that the relocated families are restoring and improving their livelihoods and standards of living.