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Plan Bonito Resettlement Action Plan signed in Colombia

A resettlement process previously marked by conflict in the El Cesar region of Colombia took an important step towards a negotiated and peaceful agreement on January 29, 2014 with the signing of the Plan Bonito Resettlement Action Plan. Prodeco, Glencore, CNR I and CNR III, Goldman Sachs and three communities in Colombia had been engaged in a complex and conflict-ridden government-ordered resettlement process for several years. In early 2012, the companies asked rePlan to provide support and build a respectful and positive dialogue around the development of a coal mine and the mitigation of its impact on the communities. After 18 months of intense negotiations, one of these communities, Plan Bonito, agreed to sign the Resettlement Action Plan and move forward to the next phase of individual negotiations and RAP implementation.

“When rePlan came to the project it found a very complex picture and a tense relationship with the community, both of which rePlan has succeeded in rebuilding very quickly and effectively,” said Nicolás Gómez Olarte of Prodeco.  “Even more important has been the peaceful, dignified and concerted way rePlan has conducted the process, which gives even more value to it.”

rePlan is proud to work with companies that are motivated to build partnership with communities and congratulates everyone involved on the successful signing of this resettlement action plan.

Click here to see an interview with rePlan's Renato Urresta on the signing of the Resettlement Action Plan (en español).