was acquired by Environmental Resources Management (ERM) and will continue providing social performance consulting services around the world. You will be redirected to the site in 10 seconds.

rePlan has joined ERM

We are pleased to share that rePlan is now an ERM Group company. 

Following several years of successful collaboration, rePlan and ERM have combined our complementary skillsets in order to deliver a full and integrated suite of social assessment, planning and implementation services to clients and projects world-wide.

Joining ERM provides rePlan with an improved global reach, enhancing our ability to serve a broad range of sectors and creating a deep, multi-disciplinary team of professionals who can solve complex problems for our clients.

ERM’s strengths are augmented by rePlan’s unique expertise in social performance and resettlement management.  

We are working to integrate our group within the broader ERM team and to harness our collective strengths to deliver quality results for our clients. Importantly, the same leadership team is still managing rePlan and overseeing service delivery to our clients around the world. 

“Joining ERM is a positive next step in rePlan’s evolution,” says rePlan Managing Partner, Graeme Burt. “We know the people of ERM well and are looking forward to combining our resources to address complex and important social and sustainability consulting needs around the world.” 

Please contact Graeme Burt, Chris Johnstone or Edwin Urresta for any further details.   


About rePlan

rePlan specialises in managing the social risks and impacts associated with resource and infrastructure development projects. Headquartered in Toronto, we have regional offices in Latin America and Africa, and a full time team of over 80 social scientists, development workers, engagement specialists, planners, architects and engineers. 

We have worked in more than 70 countries worldwide, providing services related to the following:

* Stakeholder Engagement & Feedback
Social Assessment & Management
Land Acquisition & Resettlement
Worker Accommodation
Community & Regional Development
Social Information Management Systems
Team Building, Training & Coaching

About ERM

Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting and sustainability services. It has over 150 offices in 40 countries and territories and employs more than 5,000 people. The key sectors it serves include Oil & Gas, Mining, Power, Chemicals and Infrastructure.