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rePlan presents at Right of Way Acquisition Workshop

The acquisition of Right-of-Way (ROW) for transmission lines is becoming ever more complex around the world, as the number of power lines increases and people become more concerned about impacts to health and the productivity and value of their land.

rePlan’s Director for Latin America Edwin Urresta and linear projects coordinator / stakeholder specialist Renato Urresta participated in an international workshop on environmental licensing, social management and ROW acquisition in Colombia from Aug 8 - 10, 2012. The workshop focussed on ROW acquisition for the energy industry, the goal being to deliver a regional policy in ROW acquisition for better, smoother easement acquisition.

The workshop was organized by CIER (Comisión de Integración Energetica Regional ), with the support of the Colombia's state-owned transmission firm ISA., which is a major participant in the Latin American power and telecommunications sectors. rePlan was invited to participate, and Edwin and Mauricio delivered a talk on the firm’s methodology, which is based on best practices of the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Among the participants in the workshop were Transener (Argentina), UTE (Uruguay), ANDE (Paraguay), TRANSELEC (Chile), EEGSA (Guatemala), ICE (Costa Rica), CENS and EPM (Colombia), and  Transmantaro (Perú).

For more information visit Taller Internacional de Licenciamiento Ambiental, Gestión Social y de Servidumbres en Transmisión