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rePlan's Aboriginal Program Keynote at PDAC

rePlan Principal Graeme Burt's presentation from the Aboriginal Program held during this year's PDAC convention will be available on the PDAC's website in late April 2015. His talk, which was the keynote, was titled “Meeting in the Middle: Reconciling Priorities and Realizing Mutual Company-Community Benefit."

The PDAC’s Aboriginal Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility programs once again co-hosted the session on building relationships between exploration and mining companies and Aboriginal/Indigenous communities. By exploring experiences working with Aboriginal communities in Canada and Indigenous communities internationally, the session dug into the common challenges and opportunities of participatory processes for sustainable development.

Following Graeme’s talk, he and a panel of other leading practitioners further explored how companies can work with communities to understand local development priorities and create mutually-beneficial strategies for growth.

The session was held on Monday, March 2, 2015 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.