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rePlan's Work in PNG Progresses Towards Approval

rePlan’s work on Involuntary Resettlement Policy in PNG is progressing closer to approval.

As reported on PNG Loop, “Mining Minister Byron Chan is expected to present three key proposed mining policies in the coming November session of Parliament… The three include sustainable mining development, involuntary resettlement and geothermal out of a list of six key policies under the proposed changes to the Mining Act 1992.”

Since 2011, rePlan has been working with the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazard Management (DMPGHM) and the Mineral Resource Authority on a national Involuntary Resettlement Policy that will be aligned with forthcoming changes to the Mining Act. The Involuntary Resettlement Policy, in addition to a Mine Sustainability Policy and Mine Closure Policy, is funded as part of the World Bank Mining Sector Technical Assistance Program.