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rePlan was contracted by Anatolia Minerals to oversee land acquisition, resettlement planning and consultation activities. Construction and operation of the mine resulted in the physical and economic displacement of households in a Project Footprint of approximately 2,100 hectares, comprising the entire village of Çöpler and adjacent publicly and privately held lands.

Working with Anatolia staff, affected community members and local and national government representatives, rePlan prepared a Resettlement Action Plan compliant with national legislation and international best practice, including the IFC Performance Standards. The RAP was produced in parallel with the project’s SIA and EIA.

Upon rePlan’s engagement, a Resettlement Committee was established comprising representatives from Çöpler village and company officials. Based on initial discussions between project team and community members, an agenda of outstanding issues to be discussed and agreed was presented. Regular negotiations resulted in agreement on all agenda items. The relocation site, chosen by village residents, provides continued access to both seasonal pastureland and the regional centre of İliç.

Anatolia Minerals






Population Resettled
500 people


Stakeholder Engagement
Land Acquisition
Resettlement Planning + Implementation
Livelihoods Restoration Planning
Database Design
Monitoring and Evaluation