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Planned, designed and implemented a number of comprehensive socio-economic baseline surveys in support of the original Ahafo South Project and a number of subsequent expansion projects.  These surveys were undertaken in support of both resettlement planning and implementation, led by rePlan, and social impact assessments, undertaken by others.  These surveys encompassed quantitative household questionnaires (n=2500+), as well as focus groups, workshops, key informant interviews, and other qualitative research techniques.  Our scope of work included design, development and implementation of a database (in Access), input and analysis of survey results, and reporting. 

In addition, we planned, designed and implemented a number of follow-up monitoring surveys of people, households and communities displaced or otherwise affected by the project, including those thought to be particularly vulnerable.  These surveys again combined quantitative household questionnaires and more qualitative investigation, and we again were responsible for development of a database, input and analysis of survey results, and reporting.  Results were used to inform ongoing management programs led by ourselves and others on the Ahafo team.




Population Resettled
9,500 people

Stakeholder Engagement
Land Acquisition
Resettlement Planning + Implementation
Community DevelopmentTown Planning
Housing Design + Construction
Monitoring and Evaluation