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Through extensive community engagement, rePlan helped Newmont plan the resettlement of over 300 households affected by the development of a new gold mine. The process involved development of a Resettlement Action Plan, planning and design of three resettlement site alternatives and infrastructure systems for 250 houses and associated institutions, detailed architectural house designs as well as the identification of agricultural replacement land.

Resettlement planning for the Akyem Project was undertaken in a collaborative manner.  Resettlement principles, policies, procedures and rates were determined by a multi-stakeholder Resettlement Negotiation Committee, which included representatives of project affected people, traditional authorities, district and regional government, non-governmental organizations, and the Company.

rePlan also conducted IFC Policy and Performance Standards Training for staff responsible for coordinating a Social Management System in response to the nationally approved Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment. Training included identification of project impacts, assessment of social risk and preparation of mitigation programs according to World Bank Operational Policies and IFC Policy and Performance Standards. Modules for each training session were developed.



2004 - 2006

Stakeholder Engagement
Land Acquisition
Resettlement Planning + Implementation
Community Development
Town Planning
Housing Design + Construction
Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Team

Municipal Engineer