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rePlan prepared and implemented a Social Development and Housing Plan for over 750 staff and their dependents. The process initially involved an in-depth site assessment to identify a preferred location for the required housing. We provided Barrick with a list of preferred locations that were identified, in part, by the workers and by members of the local community. The local community benefitted from the selected site through an overall increase in economic activity generated by the workers. The workers benefitted from the new development also, as many were eventually able to move in with their families.

The plan addressed social and economic development issues, and housed staff within existing local communities rather than in a separate, isolated “new town.” The plan has established the foundation of a community that will be sustainable in the long term, with a diversified economy and well-founded infrastructure and community development processes. Business Partners for Development have featured the Bulyanhulu Social Development & Housing Plan as a model plan for new towns and starter communities associated with resource extraction projects.





1999 - 2002



Stakeholder Engagement
Town Planning
Housing Design + Construction

Project Team

Municipal Engineer
Senior Community Development Specialist