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rePlan was retained in 2010 by Inmet Mining to develop and implement a voluntary resettlement and community development project at the Cayeli Copper Mine in Madenli, Turkey.

The geographic focus of the project is a small area near the mine, in which residential buildings have been damaged by ground movement and other factors.  The objectives of the project include securing the life safety of residents in damaged homes through their voluntary resettlement, and enhancing non mining-related livelihoods in preparation for closure in a few years.

rePlan has prepared and implemented a stakeholder engagement program and – in collaboration with those affected – undertaken a comprehensive survey of affected households and buildings, defined eligibility and entitlement policies, planned and designed specific entitlements, and developed a range of supportive programs.  It is now in process of negotiating agreements with individual households. 


Inmet Mining




2010 - 2013


800 people


Resettlement Planning
Stakeholder Engagement
Town Planning

Project Team

Resettlement Planner, Livelihood Restoration Specialist
Senior Planner
Architect, Construction Manager