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Las Bambas

In July 2013, rePlan was appointed by Glencore Xstrata to review and help redirect their ongoing resettlement process in Las Bambas in order to ensure its compliance with international best practices and to help bring it to a timely and successful conclusion.

Since 2013, rePlan has been leading the preparation and implementation of a comprehensive Resettlement Implementation Strategy. This includes extensive company-community negotiations, household and community-level livelihoods restoration planning, grievance management and a review of company commitments and investments at a regional scale.

To prepare over 1,600 project-affected people for the move, rePlan is developing, in conjunction with community representatives, a detailed Logistics Plan that contemplates the gradual takeover of infrastructure management responsibilities by local representatives once they receive appropriate training.







2013 - ongoing


Stakeholder Engagement
Land Acquisition
Resettlement Planning + Implementation
Livelihoods Restoration
Regional Planning

Project Team

Principal, Director for Latin America
Senior Planner, Economist
Resettlement/Socio-Environmental Impact Specialist