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Metolong Project

The Metolong Dam and Water Supply Programme (MDWSP) involved the construction of the Metolong dam and a 123 km water conveyance system to major towns in the lowlands. The MDWSP impacted public, private and communal properties and assets. rePlan prepared a Resettlement Action Plan that complies with the laws of the Government of Lesotho and the World Bank. The complex project included the valuation and compensation for permanently and temporarily impacted assets in 10 Councils with over 1,500 households. It also entails a livelihoods restoration program for households losing grazing land.  Extensive consultation with councils and communities has ensured that the compensation policies, valuation process and payments are understood. A socio-economic survey of the impacted households included household questionnaires, focus group discussions and key informant interviews. 

rePlan planned, designed and implemented a social baseline survey in support of resettlement and compensation planning and implementation. The survey included a quantitative household questionnaire (delivered to close to 1500 households) on demography, livelihoods, and immoveable assets, as well as a number of focus groups and key informant interviews. Our scope of works has included design, development, implementation and ongoing management of a comprehensive information management system to incorporate, analysis and report on survey results, as well as capture key resettlement and compensation process milestones. Results are used to inform ongoing planning and implementation activities by our team.

In addition, we planned and designed a monitoring program for households that have already been displaced. This program included a household questionnaire, as well as – typical of our projects – more qualitative investigatory techniques (key informant interviews, focus groups, etc.


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2010 - 2014


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