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Mina de Cobre Panama

rePlan prepared and is implementing a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) that guides the compensation and resettlement of over 500 project-affected people at the Cobre Panama site in western Panama. Those displaced include rural campesino homesteads and isolated indigenous Ngöbe communities. The RAP emerged from extensive formal collective negotiations with those to be displaced, has resulted in the negotiation and signing of resettlement agreements with each individual household, and is culminating in the development and ongoing implementation of individualized Social Development & Housing Plans. The process has achieved Free Prior and Informed Consent and sets a new benchmark in mine-related resettlement best practice.

rePlan’s work on this project was featured in the ICMM’s Good Practice Newsletter.

A short video featuring community members is posted here.

MPSA / First Quantum


2008 - 2013

Population Resettled
500 people

Stakeholder Engagement
Land Acquisition
Resettlement Planning + Implementation
Community Development
Town Planning
Housing Design + Construction
Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Team

GIS/Database Specialist
Principal, Director for Latin America
Senior Planner, Economist
Resettlement Coordinator
Resettlement/Socio-Environmental Impact Specialist
Project Manager