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Oyu Tolgoi

Oyu Tolgoi (OT) mine is among the largest copper mines in the world and the largest financial undertaking in Mongolia's history. With an anticipated lifespan of 50 to 70 years and a projected work force of 5,500 permanent staff, OT is exploring options for the development of a town to accommodate its employees and a Business Park to support essential contractors, suppliers and mine-related businesses.

rePlan was contracted to develop a strategy for the new town and business park including a comprehensive vision; population forecasts; town and business park plans; and options for housing, infrastructure and social facilities. rePlan also prepared cost estimates, social and environmental impact assessments, and strategies for stakeholder engagement, governance and land acquisition.

Envisioned as an “oasis in the desert” and a model for urban planning, town governance and service delivery, the town’s design accounts for the harsh climate of the South Gobi Desert as well as the needs of the OT workforce and the existing population of the region, striving to be an example for other mine towns and urban areas of Mongolia.


Oyu Tolgoi (Rio Tinto)



Urban Design
Land Use Planning
Housing Design
Economic Development
Infrastructure Planning
Land Acquisition
Stakeholder Engagement
Impact Assessment

Project Team

Municipal Engineer
Civil Engineer/Urban Planner