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rePlan and planningAlliance were engaged by Teranga Gold Corporation to create a Regional Development Strategy (RDS) for the Sabodala Gold Operation in southeastern Senegal.  The RDS is a long term, fully integrated and pro-active Social Plan that is implemented across the affected region in concert with a long-term Mine Plan. Its primary intent is to maximize the long-term community benefit of the mine operation.  The RDS also supports, complements and starts to implement the relevant plans and policies of the national, regional, departmental and local governments – right down to the village level, including the regions of Tambacounda and Kedougou Regions, the Rural Communities of Sabodala / Khossanto / Sadatou / Missirah Simana, and over 40 Villages.

As the Sabodala mine expands its area of influence and increases production, the RDS will serve to direct mine infrastructure, operations and investments to accelerate local and regional sustainable development.  This will include policies to increase the recruitment of local labour, maximize local procurement, and improve community relations protocols.  In collaboration with the Senegalese Department of Mines and Geology and local communities, the RDS team is working to define a sustainable solution for artisanal mining activities within Teranga’s exploration permit areas.

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