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rePlan planned and designed housing and facilities for approximately 1,200 workers for an aluminium refinery in Guinea. Housing, community facilities and infrastructure were conceived from the outset as permanent, so that approximately 5,000 construction workers could live in the housing during refinery construction and refinery employees could move in during the operations phase. This approach will result in substantial capital savings for the client, and a more comfortable, sustainable living environment for workers now and in the long term. The 8 types of houses ranged from 60 square metres to 210 square metres for employees of the refinery such as technicians to the general manager. The layout of the town and plots including services as well as the house designs were completed up to the tender stage and were delivered to the client for construction within 6 months of project initiation. In the interim, a sample house was built to ensure that budget and a high quality local construction methods met the requirements of the client for eventual build out of all 1,200 houses.

A key component of the plan involved an expansion plan to absorb population influx to the town up to 80,000 people in the long run. The idea was to have a town to house workers for the life of the project with a strong local economy to sustain itself after closure of the refinery.

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