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Planning options for the upgrading of the existing worker and management accommodations were developed including a risk analysis of these options. The options presented live/work situations reflecting rePlan’s experience with worker housing in similar resource development projects around the world. The approach included:

  • modular single worker accommodation units so that TCO will have flexibility in upgrading room sizes within the same building skeleton,
  • as standards for manpower staffing change after the facilities are constructed, worker accommodation units can be upgraded to provide longer-term housing in the form of townhouses and larger apartments for operations staff,
  • the construction camp can be converted to a longer-term Operations Village and the facilities and land around the Village can be converted and upgraded to forms that are more typical of an urban layout.

rePlan also demonstrated how this progressively upgradable approach for long-term housing and associated facilities and infrastructure could be achieved in Kulsary, which is the closest large town to Tengiz and to other oil fields. The main benefit of this strategy is that TCO could then sell these units to the workforce through a loan scheme (deducted directly from pay) as part of their worker benefits (the same scheme could be used if the worker purchased existing accommodation). This approach strengthens the urban fabric of Kulsary and of the region of western Kazakhstan, provides a more natural urban life for the workers, allows them to work-to-own their house, and reduces the burden on TCO of operation and maintenance costs as well as recovering some of the construction costs.

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