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Jonathan Lachnit

Resettlement Planner, Livelihood Restoration Specialist
416 593 6619

Jonathan is a resettlement planner and livelihood restoration specialist with rePlan. He has more than 20 years of resettlement, compensation, community development, livelihood restoration, and community consultation experience in a variety of jurisdictions, including Russia and a number of African and Asian countries. He has prepared and implemented numerous resettlement action plans, compensation frameworks, resettlement community master plans, stakeholder engagement/community consultation plans, grievance mechanisms and monitoring and evaluation programs. Jonathan specializes in returning economy to local communities, in part, by identifying linkages between the procurement needs of the project, and skills and businesses offered within the affected local population. Jonathan’s planning work builds from participatory planning, surveys and field research activities to achieve action plans that are implementable, pragmatic and responsive to the specific challenges and opportunities facing the project area and its communities. Such an approach helps to ensure that the project’s “social license” to operate is continually renewed by the affected population. Jonathan also has extensive experience in conceiving and managing development programs for Peace Corps, CARE, and Africare.

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